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Since 2010, "MANISAI ID SOLUTIONS” has manufactured and traded premium identity card holders and lanyards. Identity Card Holder, ID Card Lanyard, Laminated Film Rolls, Identity Card Tag Roll, ID Card Lanyard Hook, ID Card Fusing Sheet, and Fusing Sheet ID Cards are among the products that are being offered. Due to their high strength, sturdy design, light weight, and long service life, these products are well known. In addition, the customers are provided with these lanyard and identity card holder ranges.

Why Us?

[ Our company is well-known for producing lanyards and identity card holders. ]
The following aspects have enabled us to satisfy clients' needs:
  • Superior-Caliber Goods
  • Quick Delivery
  • Ethical and Open Business Practices
  • A Knowledgeable and Trustworthy Team
  • Affordable Price

Current Clients

Our system of quality control has always been important. The products go through a thorough process that includes appropriate inspection and testing before being delivered to the customers. Our quality analysts adhere to the various quality standards that have been established by the regulatory organizations for the industry as a result.

Brands We Work With


Infrastructure We Use

We are well known for producing high-quality ID card holders and lanyards. We spend a lot of money leveraging modern manufacturing techniques that develop our expertise in order to expand our identity card holder and lanyard reach in a competitive market. Our manufacturing facilities are divided into divisions that are led by qualified professionals and handle manufacturing, R&D, packaging, transportation, and distribution activities.

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